More Than Makeup Spotlight: Benefits of Titanium Dioxide

Our parents always told us to get our daily dose of vitamins and minerals. I think their idea was more about eating fruits and vegetables, but we have something else in mind: putting them on our face. Putting key minerals like Titanium Dioxide on our skin has a big impact on the health of our skin. Check out what this mineral can do for you:

  1. It provides much needed SPF protection. Our moms have been telling us ever since we can remember that we need to wear SPF every single day. Of course, we never did (Not that we think they were doing it either!) Of course, now that we’re mature enough to understand where they’re coming from, some sun damage has already been done. That doesn’t mean that we need to hide out under giant hats and sunglasses. We just have to step our game up. Titanium Dioxide is a natural sunscreen, meaning we can still enjoy those rays without worrying about turning our skin into leather. Having SPF in your airbrush makeup means you’ll put it on everyday anyway. No need to stress about putting an extra step into your routine. Now, you can do your favorite outdoor activities (like laying by the pool) without fear.
  2. It keeps skin looking fresh. Most of us have a crazy array of beauty products that work to give us that coveted matte finish without making us look plastic. While we like our current lineup well enough, it sure does take a lot of work. We’d rather get the flawless matte finish without spending countless minutes painstakingly applying product. Thanks to Titanium Dioxide, this process is a thing of the past. Titanium Dioxide’s pigment lends itself a natural matte finish. We’re putting an end to meticulously applying and reapplying powder. Titanium Dioxide gives the finish we want without any of the hassle. We’ll spend all those extra minutes at lunch with our besties or binging another Netflix session.
  3. It makes makeup more realistic. One of the biggest mistakes we make when we first started wearing makeup was to have the colors not quite match up. Our foundation was either a little too dark or light, or didn’t have the right texture to replicate skin. We’ve come a long way in foundation. We don’ t see much of the chalk face or face-neck divider lines anymore. This is in huge part due to Titanium Dioxide. The reflective properties found in it are able to help create a huge range of realistic skin pigments. When you see lines of foundation that come in a seemingly absurd number of colors, you have Titanium Dioxide to thank. Long gone are the days of owning two or three foundations and mixing them for the perfect hue. Titanium Dioxide is giving us the makeup we’ve always deserved: one that fits us perfectly.