More Than Makeup Spotlight: 5 Benefits of Green Tea

We’ve been told for years now that drinking green tea has a boatload of benefits for our health. But, has anyone ever told you to consider putting it on your face? Green tea stem cells are the powerhouse of the natural beauty world, and with good reason. Here are the beauty benefits of using green tea rich products on your skin:

  1. Green tea keeps us young. Green tea contains EGCG, one of the world’s strongest antioxidants. ECGC is like double espresso for our face. ECGC brings dying skin cells back from the dead. By extending the cells’ lives, your skin will never get that dulled look life can give us. ECGC also reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, putting radiance back where it belongs: all over your face.
  2. It reverses damage. We all like to live our lives to the fullest. Unfortunately, no action goes without consequences. Our skin wounds and scars, not caring that we have that job interview or first date the next day. Green tea benefits your skin by treating wounds and erasing scars so you can worry about the important things, like perfecting your airbrush makeup look for your big day.
  3. Green tea lets skin bounce back.Green tea does the miracle job of inhibiting elactase, the enzyme that breaks down the elastic fibers of your skin. Elasticity balances firmness in your skin, perfecting your skin’s strength balance. Maintaining the tightrope of elasticity and firmness helps deflect the effects of the aging process. Be warned, the bartender might start carding you more often.
  4. A little goes a long way. One of green tea’s most amazing beauty benefits is its ability to self-renew. The cells replicate on your face, extending the benefits of the green tea. Imagine you’re enjoying a great slice of cake and all the sudden an extra piece appears. Life just got a little better, didn’t it? Green tea cells work the same way to make life a little sweeter. More benefits with less work? If only everything else were that easy.
  5. It slows down free radicals. Free radicals are like your dramatic friends. They’re unstable and feel the need to take stability from other people to make themselves better. Free radicals do the same by taking parts from our healthy cells in order to stabilize. This means breaking down and killing our healthy cells, which in turn ages our bodies. And that blows. Green tea kicks free radicals to the curb by making it harder for them to stabilize. This means less stress on your cells and on your body. Less stress means less wrinkles, which means a smoother airbrush makeup application. Who can complain about those beauty benefits?