More Than Makeup Spotlight: 4 Benefits of Filmexel

While some multipurpose products, like those strange 3-in-1 shampoo/conditioner/body washes, may seem like a shot in the dark, others truly shine in all that they’re capable of. Filmexel is one of those exceptions. Derived from a variety of biopolymers, Filmexel works to put your skin’s best foot forward, naturally.  Here’s all you need to know about the benefits of Filmexel: 

  1. It protects your skin. The biopolymers found in Filmexel form an almost impenetrable barrier over your skin. This barrier protects from external agents like pollutants and allergens that seek to damage your skin. Just 15 minutes after application, the effects of this shield are already observable. In addition to offering protection, Filmexel also diminishes the discomfort you feel from other irritants. Elements that deteriorate skin are blocked from ever reaching the face. It’s like having your own personal guard dog for your skin, without all the maintenance.
  2. Filmexel adds radiance. Without having all those irritants clogging up your face, your true beauty can shine through. In addition, Filmexel’s natural barrier makes pores look smaller and adds a healthy glow to the skin. This radiance doubles as an effective primer for skin, extending your airbrush makeup application for hours. Sure, you could eat seven serving of fruits and vegetables a day and constantly work out to get this same effect. But in our opinion, Filmexel is a lot easier.
  3. It lifts and boosts the skin. Filmexel’s barrier properties serve as the perfect anti-aging platform. The biopolymers smooth and fill out the skin, erasing signs of fine lines and wrinkles. Filmexel’s design improves the biomechanic properties in your skin, inhibiting the aging process. The soothing effects provided also work to reduce lines. Less lines means more time focused on admiring your airbrush makeup and less time worrying about makeup falling into creases. And that’s a pretty good life to live.
  4. Filmexel’s effects last. No one wants to worry about her skincare routine every few hours of her day. Who has time for that? We sure don’t. Filmexel’s biopolymers were luckily built to last. The effects are almost immediate, and they stick around all day. The radiance and health you see after 15 minutes? Don’t worry; they’ll still be there for your girls’ night out later. Filmexel is designed so that you can live your life without pause. When you’re in the middle of a great moment, the last thing on your mind should be how your makeup looks. Filmexel’s got you covered from beginning to end.