More Than Makeup Spotlight: 3 Benefits of MiniPoryl PPT

We’re all chasing the perfect complexion. With a flawless base, airbrush makeup goes on that much smoother. A lot of times, you won’t even need as much makeup (Our wallets are already thanking us.) Newcomer MiniPoryl PPT, also known as red clover extract, wants to give you the complexion you always knew you deserved. Here are the three skin benefits of red clover extract:

  1. It makes pores disappear. One of the most attractive benefits of red clover extract is its ability to dramatically decrease the appearance of pores. It increases your skin’s natural contracting properties. This allows skin to tighten up, reducing the size of pores. At the same time, MiniPoryl also fills in pores, giving you a primer-like finish. This finish means makeup goes on much more evenly, even without an actual primer base. Reduced pore size makes skin look uniformly textured. This means no worrying about your skin looking like the surface of Mars after a couple of hours.
  2. It reduces oil on the skin. MiniPoryl contains a unique astringency agent that reduces the flow of oil through the skin. The agent works its way deep into skin to inhibit sebum production at the source. Sebum, like chocolate, is great in moderation, but have too much of it and it’s going to be quite the mess. Moderate amounts of sebum serve to lubricate the skin and keep it healthy, but very few of us are lucky enough to have skin that gets sebum production levels right. Many of us will struggle with over-production, causing our skin to look like we just wiped it down with butter. MiniPoryl helps get our skin back on track so your airbrush makeup stays put.
  3. It enhances skin’s health. When you combine refined pores with more balanced skin, what you inevitably end up with is healthier skin overall. With sebum production being balanced out, you’re less likely to clog your pores with oil. This helps prevent breakouts, evening out your complexion. Reduced pore size prevents outside debris like dirt and pollutants from getting into your skin. This too helps put an end to breakouts and irritations. These two elements combined help to get your skin in the best shape it’s ever been in. It’s all the benefits of a well-planned skincare routine in one simple step. You can’t ask for much more than that.