More Than Makeup Spotlight: 3 Benefits of Iron Oxide

It’s time we start demanding what we really want from our makeup. We don’t ask for much. Just makeup that looks good when you put it on and that stays good looking throughout the day. Iron Dioxide is here to grant all our wishes. This mineral has massive beauty benefits that can’t be ignored. Look at what Iron Oxide can do for you:

  1. Makeup becomes a second skin.Cakey should be a term reserved for cakes only. Unfortunately, this is a term that has also been used to describe some makeup. You know the ones: They sit on top of your face, creating a texture that is very clearly not your skin. Your eyeliner should stand out. Your foundation? Not so much. Thanks to Iron Oxide, obvious foundation is a thing of the past. This ingredient helps makeup maintain a realistic texture, so when applied to skin, it looks like skin. And that’s all we ever really wanted.
  2. The colors are true to you. Have you ever found a foundation you absolutely adored? It had great texture, a nice finish, and covered all your blemishes. The only problem was none of the colors truly matched your skin. So, what do you do? If you were us, you spent too much money to buy two shades and mix them together for a color deemed “close enough.” Fear not, Iron Oxide is here to save your wallet unnecessary pain. When Iron Oxide is mixed with color pigments in varying amounts, the color can be changed to create a larger variety of skin tones. Put the multiple bottles down. With the Iron Oxide in your airbrush makeup, you’ll get a flawless color payoff every time.
  3. Makeup stays flawless. We’ve all been there. Your makeup looks fantastic when you walk out the door and you feel on top of the world. Then you look in a mirror three hours later. Your face is shiny, and it looks like you never applied foundation or concealer at all. So you run to the nearest bathroom and try to salvage what’s left of your makeup. Never again. Iron Oxide extends the staying power of your airbrush makeup. No more streaks or smudges, or fearing touching your face. You can now live your life in full, no touchups required. So take those selfies and snaps. You’ve got nothing to worry about.