Makeup Expiration Dates – What's on Your Face?

Although unfortunate, it is a statement of fact that your makeup can expire. Now, when it expires, how can you know? What are the disadvantages of making use of makeup after it gets expired? Contained in this article is a perfect guide to know when makeup expires.

The truth is one of the most trusted ways to know when makeup is expired is to take a look at the PAO (Period After Opening) indication which comes with every beauty product.  This symbol is helpful and will give you an idea of the length of period your makeup will remain in a good state after it gets opened. If you cannot find this symbol because it is either missing or has been cleaned off, you do not have to worry, we know just how to help you.

Foundation: 6-12 months

The length of period your foundation stays in good condition is dependent on how it is packaged and how you use it. Foundations which have pumps are known to stay longer than those that do not. This is because there is less exposure to the air when compared to jar foundations. Your foundation has gone past its expiry date when its consistency changes and when its oil starts to move away from other parts of the foundation. It is also important that you clean every sponge and brush which touches bottles. This helps in the prevention of the spread of bacteria to the product from your face.

Concealer: 1 year

Concealers which are packaged in a tube can stay good for up to a year if they are handled properly. One of the biggest threats to hygiene when making use of a concealer is rubbing concealer on blemishes directly and putting the wand in the tube. Another threat to hygiene is making contact with the pot after applying concealer. When this occurs, it can lead to the spread of bacteria and get the product contaminated. If your concealer gets dried out or has a change in texture, that is a sign that it has expired.

Powder Products: 18-24 months

Powder products do not contain a significant quantity of fluid. As a result of this, they last longer than other makeup products. Because of the absence of moisture in powder products, bacteria is kept at bay. This ends up leaving your makeup fresh and helps it last longer. To ensure that your powder products stay clean, the lids have to be tight. Also, they should be replced if the powder gets broken. If a hard rim appears around check the edge of the powder product, get it replaced. The appearance of a hard rim indicates that your face oils have made contact with the minerals in the powder, and there is a likelihood that contamination has occurred.

Eyeliner: 6-12 months

The duration of period that your eyeliner will last is dependent on your eyeliner's formulation. Due to the fact that fluid encourages the growth of bacteria, liquid formulas expire more rapidly. Also, in general, eyeliners are more likely to get contaminated because they get applied very close to the eyes. Pencil eyeliners have a longer expiry date because they get sharpened every now and then. Sharpening them is a way to take away bacteria from the products surface. A change of colour or texture indicates a right time to do away with your eyeliner.

Mascara: 3-6 months

Mascara has a watery formula. The implication of this is it will expire before a lot of other products which are part of your makeup routine. Mascara is a safe haven for the existence of bacteria because of the fact that you rub it on your eyes and put the wand back into the tube. If you must keep your mascara in a safe condition, you should avoid moving the wand into the tube and out again very frequently. This is because this action gives air continuous entrance into the tube, thereby, encouraging the growth of bacteria. As soon as you notice your mascara getting dry, you should get it replaced.

Lipstick: 12-24 months

Due to the fact that lipstick is applied to the mouth, it can be said that its shelf life is astonishingly long. You can preserve the life of your lipstick for up to two years if you care for it properly. How do you ensure that your lipsticks are sanitised? To keep your lipsticks sanitised, you should clean them with the use of a makeup wipe once in a while and always ensure that they stay covered. When wiped, bacteria on the surface of the lipstick is removed. As soon as your lipsticks develop a chalky texture or a rather funny smell, do away with them.

Fragrances: 8-10 years

A lot of people use up their fragrances before their expiry date. As a result of this, only a handful of people are aware that fragrances do expire. When stored in the right way, your fragrances can stay in perfect condition for up to 10 year. To ensure that your fragrances are in the right conditions, keep them away from the sun and cover them once you make use of them. If the fragrance of your perfume becomes a shadow of itself, there are chances that it has gone bad.

Ultimately, the expiration date of your makeup is dependent on the care you give to it. It is important to note that natural products do not last so long. This is because they do not contain preservatives which are harsh on the skin. When expired makeup is used, it can bring about an infection.