How to Soothe Irritated Skin in a Flash

Basically, all shapes and sizes of skin can be irritated. You could either have an excessively sensitive skin, your skin is broken out or the eczema on your skin is making you uncomfortable, irrespective of what the issue is with your skin, if your skin is irritated, it will definitely have a bad effect on your day. Well, if you need to fix your skin in a jiffy, we have got you covered.

What happens when skin is irritated?

More often than not, the cause of an irritation on the skin is an inflammation. Inflammations make the skin to have a tight and tingly feel. If your skin always has an appearance which suggests that it is inflamed or broken out, then, there is a likelihood that your skin is irritated. A question arises. As soon as you discover that you skin is irritated, what is the easiest way to get it fixed? Before fixing any irritation, it is important that you get to the exact reason for this inflammation.

What causes irritated skin?

Unfortunately, there are lots of reasons why your skin is getting irritated. If you must get the best form of treatment, it is important that you discover the exact cause of any irritations that you are feeling on your skin. Below are popular cause of skin irritations.


There really is nothing in your body that cannot get affected by stress. Inflammation is one of the many side effects that are associated in stress. So, what is the exact reason for irritations on the skin? Yes. Inflammation. While this is bad, much worse is the fact that mental stress, as well as physical stress can do your face a lot of harm. As a result of this, it is important that you take things easy. Ironically, even being worried when your skin is irritated can make irritation worse. Therefore, you should always take your time prior to making any crucial decisions as regards skincare procedures.

Exfoliating excessively

A couple of times, trying to fix your skincare can make you do things which you should not do. As already said above, inflammation is caused by physical stress. Another thing that really gets the body stressed is always making use of exfoliators. It is common knowledge that one problem that virtually everyone has to face is the temptation to rub away problems on your skin. Irrespective of how tempting this is, it is always a bad idea because 90% of the time, it worsens the situation you  are already battling with. When you exfoliate too frequently, the skin feels like it is being attacked. When this occurs it gets inflamed in reaction to this attack. To prevent irritations ,you should reduce the frequency of which you exfoliate.


Having a skin that is sensitive might not be absolutely your own doing. For individuals that are resident in climates which change very suddenly ( freezing winters and summers), environmental stressors might have a hand in making your skin sensitive. As a result of the change in temperature and humidity, the skin gets more sensitive in winter. Now, if your skin care routine does not change with a change in  the seasons, your skin will be unprepared for the harshness that is associated with winter months. While you alter your wardrobe as a result of a change in season, you have go also alter your skin care routine.

Your routine filed with irritants

Are you treating a skin problem at the moment, there is a likelihood that you are exposing your skin to irritants. A lot of active ingredients which are found in skincare products can have a negative effect on your skin. Look out for the following ingredients; BHAs, AHAs, retinols or lactic acids. If you come across any of the above mentioned active ingredients in your skincare product, there is a likelihood that you are exposing your skin to an ingredient that has the potential to harm it. Although these actives should not be absolutely taken out of your life absolutely, cutting down on your frequency of using this products can help your skin get back into shape.

Are you yet to discover the reason for the irritation you feel on your skin? Then, you should focus on the exact part of your skin suffering from irritations. Does this irritation occur after you make use of a particular product? Is any particular brood responsible? Allergies can also cause inflammations. As a result of this, going through tests for environmental and chemical allergies can help you discover the cause of any issues that you have with your skin. Getting to know the cause of an allergy is just one part of the problem. The second part is making the necessary changes for your skin to be free from irritations.

How to Fix Irritated Skin

Now is the time to make your skin clear. You might seem very ready, however, what is your starting point? Below are tips to help you remedy the irritations on your skin .

Add Moisture

The inclusion of an increased amount of moisture in your daily routine is one very easy way to fix a lot of skin issues. For our bodies to function at optimum, they need to be properly hydrated. Unfortunately, a lot of us do not give our bodies the needed amount of fluid. In addition to functioning at its optimum, proper hydration  is a boost to our immune system. When the immune system is stronger, it can easily deal with inflammations. While drinking more water, don’t just stop at that, also make it a habit to make use of moisturisers that are perfect for your skin.

Hot showers might have a good feel on the skin, they, however, take away your skin’s oil. As a result of this, you should only use hot showers when you have to.

Take away harsh products from your routine

Have you formed the habit of making use of every available active to treat wrinkles and acne? If yes, then, you are worsening your skin issues. Harsh actives irritate your skin. That, however, is not all they do. They also make your skin dry. When the skin is dry, the face has to work extra hard to get rehydrated. This brings about an increase in oil on your face and ultimately an increase in skin issues. Switch harsh skin products for those that are quite gentle. If you must continue making use of actives, then, you should use them on alternate days. It any set of ingredients seem too harsh for your skin, it is okay to make use of a new active. This will help your skin recover. If the routine is complex, it might be a while before your skin heals. However, if the routine is simple, your skin can heal easily.

Reduce your intake of caffeine

Caffeine might be enjoyed by lots of people around the world, unfortunately, it leads to an inflammatory response in lots of people. If you take caffeine regularly, it might just one of the challenges that your skin is facing. Although causing inflammations is one of the major downsides of caffeine, it also serves as a diuretic and will, therefore, make your body give out fluid rapidly. Now, you want to keep your body hydrated. This means that a substance that leads to dehydration should not be taken regularly. Without its negative effect on the skin, the habit of always drinking coffee is a bad one. This, might be your motivation to quit this habit.

Make use of Natural

As far as healing the skin is concerned, nature can be trusted. There are lots of ingredients which can easily bring soothing relief to your skin when it is irritated. They, also do not have side effects. Some of these ingredients are olive oil, jojoba, aloe vera, etc. If you can successfully get products which contain any of this, you can make them a part of your daily skincare routine. Are you interested more in a product that is home made? You can go on to make a mask using honey and aloe or yoghurt. Aloe vera and honey have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacteria properties and yoghurt contains casein which helps in soothing the skin.

Be careful with what you eat

What you put into your mouth can go a long way in affecting the appearance of your skin. Although putting ingredients which are edible on your skin can be used in giving your skin a proper treatment, feeding on some foods can help your skin look good by working from the inside. To ensure that your skin has a better appearance, eat foods that are rich in probiotics and Omega-3s. These two nutrients can bring soothing relief to your skin and you might not need to apply any product topically.

Taking tea on a daily basis can also help your skin over come inflammation. However, while at this, you should be on the lookout for any tea which contains caffeine. Tumeric has lots of antiviral and antiinflammatory properties which make it ideal for treating the skin when it is irritated.