Eye for Beauty: Prettify Peepers with These Eye-Catching Looks

Hey there, Rock Candy girls and guys!  Did you know your eyes are one of the very first features others notice when they first meet you?  Here’s how to make an eye-opening first - and lasting - impression.  Seeing is believing, beauty babes!

In this exclusive Rock Candy Corner article, we’re going to take you step-by-step in achieving peepers that “pop” using your professional-grade, vegan, cruelty-free Rock Candy airbrush make-up system, while giving you some crazy-cool eye looks that are totally trending for spring.  Score these looks in the blink of an eye!

Before we get to the fun, flirty eye make-up looks that await your “eye gotta have it” list, it’s imperative you begin with a clean canvas that’s perfectly prepped and primed for both airbrush make-up AND eye make-up.  First, if your skin is on the drier side, be sure to dab a tiny amount of a water-based eye gel-cream around the orbital area to keep the delicate skin around the eye area plump and hydrated.  Be careful not to apply too much eye balm as your Rock Candy airbrush foundation make-up will not be able to properly adhere to the skin.  Allow your eye cream to fully absorb into the skin before proceeding.  If you have a normal to oily complexion, spritz skin with some of the celeb-obsessed Rock Candy Finishing Spray to beautifully balance the skin for an even, flawless airbrush make-up application. 

Now, choose one of the lighter shades from your Rock Candy airbrush foundation arsenal.  You should always have several shades within the same color range on hand to use from season to season and for concealing and correcting.  Once you’ve decided on the shade to conceal and correct your undereye circles (if applicable), add a few drops to your Rock Candy airbrush gun and while holding gun 3-6 inches away from the undereye area, begin to gently pull back the trigger, misting the skin using light, sweeping motions. Don’t forget to keep your hand moving at all times to avoid “puddling” and “hot spot” make-up mishaps.  Continue to build and blend until the area appears even in tone and any dark, blueish hue is visually undetectable.  Once you’ve achieved the right amount of undereye coverage, you can now apply your darker Rock Candy airbrush make-up foundation shade(s) for full-face foundation coverage, coloring, and contouring.  See how super easy that was?  When done step-by-step using the lighter colors in your Rock Candy kit, you don’t even need to use traditional eye corrector/concealer.  You’ve got all the tools you need right at your fingertips with Rock Candy natural airbrush make-up essentials.  Plus, when you spray and play, you keep the germs away.

The spring 2019 fashion shows featured runways filled with fresh, flawless faces that effortlessly dripped with dewiness and dimension.  Aside from the endless slew of desirable designer duds, skin was the star of the show, with clean complexions, nude lips, and peachy cheeks pervading the coolest catwalks.  With an unmistakable emphasis on beautifully-bronzed, sun-kissed skin and gleaming, glowing radiance, you definitely will be rocking your Rock Candy illuminator, bronzer, and blush this season.  So, be sure to keep the rest of your airbrush make-up application as natural and as sheer as possible – just a single, magical layer of second-skin perfection is all you’ll need to get glowing!

Now, that you’ve got all your bases covered, it’s time to set your eyes on these knock-out looks that’ll keep ‘em gazing all season long:

Morning-After Make-up

The best way to nail this edgy, lived-in look, ala the Nicole Miller and Oscar de la Renta shows, is to not try too hard. Simply line upper and lower lashes with a coffee-colored kohl eyeliner, including the water line, and gently smudge with a clean fingertip or sponge for an instant set of sexy, smoldering bedroom eyes. Keep lips nude and natural for a rocker chic effect. 

Bold Brows

While big, beautiful, billion-dollar brows have (thankfully) not yet reached a saturation point, the look that will be kicking major arch this season is of the groomed variety.  For brows that wow, keep your fierce, fab arches under control using a clear mascara or brow powder.  No need to draw on your brows or make a microblading appointment.  Bye-bye Inst brows! We’re keeping it real this summer, like the glam gals at the Jill Sander show.

Technicolor Liner

Just like we saw beguiling, black graphic eyeliner drawn into abstract shapes last fall, the peepers parading down the catwalks this season flaunted the same obscure, unconventional shapes, but in brilliant, eye-catching candy box colors, like pink, blue, green, yellow, orange, and purple. Even the peculiar periwinkle made an appearance. Wink-wink!

All that Glitters

Strategically-placed, shiny embellishments and flecks of fun, girly glitter in springtime-friendly pink and green hues adorned the lids and inner and outer corners of eyes at the Kate Spade New York show, giving a more imaginative, creative spin to the “less-is-more” make-up trend. 

No Mascara

When the warmer weather finally comes around, quelling our winter woes, the last thing we want to be doing is pounding on the war paint only for it to run, ruin, and wreak havoc on our most modest make-up efforts. So, just skip it.  Keeping with the “no make-up” make-up theme this season, it only seems fitting the fringes at Isabel Marant and Balmain were kept bare and baby-like.  Plus, going bare-lashed allows for the trending neon, watercolor, and pastel eye looks to take center stage. 

Did we miss one?  Let us know!   Be sure to share and show your favorite, go-to eye and organic airbrush make-up looks using your vegan, cruelty-free Rock Candy cosmetics!  Use tag #RockMyLook for a chance to be featured on our InstaGLAM! 

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