6 Tips to Instantly Look Younger

Our youth is a fleeting thing. No matter how much we fight for it, we haven’t exactly found a way to reverse time yet. Luckily, we here at Grace Kelly Beauty have some tricks up our sleeve that can rewind the clock a bit. Check out our top 6 makeup tips to look younger:

  1. Choose your pigments wisely. We’ve always been told to match our foundation color to the undertones of our skin. Most of us have either pink or yellow undertones. What they didn’t tell you was that pink undertones can bring out the redness in your skin. Red skin looks unhealthy, aging you in an instant. When looking for your base beauty products like airbrush foundation and concealer, aim for a neutral or yellow undertone. Don’t go all clown on us and pick an undertone that clearly contradicts the rest of your body. Keep it close, but aim for sunny instead of rosy. This will keep your skin looking healthy and flawless for the rest of your routine.
  2. All eyes in the eyes. Mature woman are sometimes hesitant to draw attention to their eyes for fear of emphasizing wrinkles and lines. What they forget is that with the right touch, drawing attention to you eyes can make you look younger. First, fill in your eyebrows, as a fuller brow is associated with youth. Then, it’s time to play up the color of your eyes to make them really glow. Choosing the right colorscan really make your eyes pop, distracting from any lines you may have. We’re not saying to wear electric blue eye shadow (Unless that’s your thing, in which case, rock it girl!) but adding a pop of strategic color to your eye region will bring life to your entire face.
  3. Don’t forget to add some color elsewhere. Once you’ve used your airbrush makeup to create a solid base foundation, it’s time to add some color back to your face. Having skin too uniform can look plastic or dull, especially if your skin is on the paler end of the spectrum. Go back in with a nice peachy blush and your favorite contour kit to give yourself a color kick. Just make sure to blend properly so you don’t end up looking like an amusement park caricature.
  4. Keep it light. When you’re looking to add some color to your lips, keep it on the natural side. Rosy pinks and light mauves are a good bet as these colors can add some glow to your face. Stay away from darker shades like oxblood and plum. These darker shades can draw attention to thinning lips and make them appear smaller. These dark shades can also make skin look sallow if you don’t properly balance them out with blush or bronzer. When reaching for your lipstick, think less Joker and more Beyoncé. Save the fierce shades for other areas of your face.
  5. Lay off the powder. As you get older, your skin becomes more prone to dryness as it’s not producing as much oil. On the downside, this means moisture becomes a much bigger issue for you. On the upside, you now get to use all those lovely cream formulas you would’ve never considered back in your oilier days. Using cream formulas keep the product from emphasizing lines on your face. The creamy texture also offers more pigment and glow than a powder-based formula would. While the extra cream in your coffee may not be too good for you, this is one cream you won’t need to worry about.
  6. (Air)brush it off. If you truly want to capture the flawless complexion of your youth, airbrush makeup is the way to go. Airbrush seamlessly blends with your skin to dull fine lines and even out your complexion. The water-based formulas give you that extra bit of moisture you need for a radiant complexion. Your foundation sets the tone for the rest of your routine, and with airbrush, you set the right tone every time.