6 Steps for Covering Acne with Airbrush Makeup

How is it that breakouts always pop up at the worst time? Whether it’s right before prom, a wedding, a big job interview, or a first date, if there’s a high-stakes event coming up, chances are your face is going to turn on you. But have no fear! You can use airbrush makeup to cover up all your blemishes and present a flawless face to the world. Want to know how? Then check out Grace Kelly Beauty’s six steps for using airbrush makeup to cover your acne:

  1. Start with a squeaky-clean face.If you apply makeup onto a dirty face, you’re not doing yourself any favors. All you’re doing is creating a viscous cycle that guarantees you’ll continue breaking out. It’s like shoveling a bunch of dirt under a rug. Yeah, it’s fine temporarily, but you’re not doing anything to fix the actual problem. Help yourself out and start with a nice clean face. A clean face also means the makeup will go on smoother and last longer, which you’re definitely going to want unless you’re someone who enjoys having to run off to retouch your makeup every couple hours. If you are that person, we have bigger problems we should be discussing.
  2. Add your primer. Adding a primer into your routine is basically essential in today’s world. Why wouldn’t you want a product that makes your airbrush makeup last all day in addition to giving your face a flawless, naturally matte look? Some primers also contain light-deflecting properties that help to blur imperfections and calm redness. That’s right; you can diminish the appearance of your imperfections before you even start applying your airbrush foundation.
  3. Prepare your airbrush stylus. If you want your airbrush makeup to go on flawlessly, you need to set your stylus up correctly. First, make sure your stylus has been cleaned out with either water or rubbing alcohol. While you should have been cleaning out your airbrush stylus after every application, we know nobody’s perfect. Once your stylus is cleaned, you can put in your airbrush makeup. Remember, even if you want heavier coverage, you don’t need as much as you think you do. Four to six drops if plenty to give yourself a full face.
  4. Apply the airbrush makeup. Now you’re ready for the main event! When applying the makeup, hold your stylus about 6 inches from your face. Don’t worry about covering individual spots just yet; for now, focus on getting even coverage across the rest of your face. Make sure when you’re applying the makeup that you are constantly moving the stylus around your face. Holding it in place too long will leave awkward wet tacky patches. Keep your face relaxed so the makeup doesn’t have the chance to settle into any lines or creases. Finally, make sure to get your neck as well! We here at Grace Kelly Beauty are not fans of the dreaded face-neck divider line.
  5. Zero in on problem spots. Once you’ve got an even base, you can begin to go in and cover up individual problem spots or areas you may have. While you could switch to a concealer at this point, we suggest covering your spots with your airbrush makeup. Using the same makeup as base and concealer makes the blending process look a lot more natural and flawless. Using your airbrush stylus, locate where you need more coverage. Then, hold the stylus two to three inches from your face and release the makeup in short, light bursts. Keep it on the light side; it’s always easier to apply more than it is to take it off later. Once you’ve found a happy level of coverage, run some makeup around the edges of the blemish to match it up with the rest of your skin.
  6. Finish the look! Look at you now! It’s time to finish out your lasting look. Go in with your blush and bronzer to make those spots completely disappear. Just remember to wait a good 60 seconds after you finish applying the airbrush makeup so the makeup has time to set. After that, apply your eye makeup as normal. Before you go in and set your makeup, do a quick quality check. Make sure everything is smoothed over, blended, and to your liking. Set yourself with powder and you’ve got yourself one flawless face! Now go out and show the world just how flawless you are, inside and out.