Wedding-bound Beauty: Say “I DO” to these Airbrush Makeup Tips

Wedding-bound Beauty:  Say “I DO” to these Airbrush Makeup Tips

Whether you’re a blushing bride-to-be (or bestie bridesmaid), you need makeup that’s going to stand up through all the exciting, emotion-filled festivities of the day.  From videos to vows, nuptial nerves are in overdrive.  So, when it comes to the battle of the beauty brushes, we suggest grabbing the gun and get spraying with the best vegan makeup this side of the aisle. 

Arguably, your special day should be an unforgettable one.  And, all the fabulous, family and friend -filled pictures, videos, and memorable moments are forever – just like your vows.  The last thing you need to be worry about before you walk down the aisle is if your makeup is melting or making magical “moments” to be cherished.  Airbrush makeup has traditionally been associated with the most attention-grabbing models and movie starlets for its bevy of beauty benefits, but it’s also big with brides and bridesmaids.  The long-lasting, impeccably smooth, flawless finishes of Rock Candy cruelty-free makeup will give you that star-status confidence with customizable coverages that are just right for YOUR complexion, without the need for re-application or inopportune touch-ups.  So, here are some “I do’s” (plus a few “I dont’s”) that will sure to make you look back on your big day with an even bigger smile.

  • Layer of Love

The beauty of Rock Candy’s bestselling vegan airbrush makeup line is its versatility.  So, if you are unsure or on the fence about going full-on airbrush for your wedding day, you can always layer your traditional liquid/cream/powder makeup with a layer of Rock Candy’s No Filter 4K Foundation for added, melt-proof protection.  This way, you get the best of both beauty worlds and won’t have to wonder if your makeup is slipping away while you’re dancing the night away.

  • Lube Up

…your skin, that is!  Your best bet to ensure your airbrush makeup doesn’t cake up before you cut the cake, is to apply all your Rock Candy airbrush makeup essentials on well-hydrated skin.  But, keep it to a lightweight water-based moisturizer, so your airbrush makeup can properly adhere to your skin without slipping off.  Keep your stash of Finish Setting Spray or HardPressed Setting Powder on-hand to keep things on lockdown for the long haul.

  • Less is More

With Rock Candy foundations, blushes, bronzers, and illuminators, a little goes a long way.  A few drops in your gun’s pot may be all you need to achieve the desired coverage you’re looking for.  If not, you can always build, blend, and blur until you hit the magic mark.  Just remember to let each layer completely dry before applying the next and apply evenly using circular, sweeping motions.  Relax and take your time.  You don’t want to risk having “mannequin” makeup due to overzealous and eager spraying and layering.

  • Practice Make Perfect

Just like your impending nuptials, you didn’t commit right away. Well, the same should be applied to your bridal makeup technique.  The day of your wedding is not the day to be experimenting with techniques, looks, styles, or spray tans.  If you’ve never played with airbrush makeup before, take some time a few weeks beforehand to experiment with techniques and tools.  You can visit our tutorials page where you can view a plethora of helpful how-to videos from mixing-and-matching foundation shades to effortless, no-fail application techniques.  Just like your marriage, it’s best to know what you want BEFORE you walk down the aisle.

  • Prep and Prime

Be sure to prep your complexion with a few skin-vigorating spritzes of your Rock Candy Finish Setting Spray to help hold down your airbrush makeup masterpiece.  This is a non-negotiable step to avoid looking like a total hot mess before the best man’s toast.  Also, you can refresh and revitalize your look throughout the day and night with just a spritz or two.  Swipe lids with a light layer of your Rock Candy HardPressed Setting Powder prior to eye makeup application for ultimate party-proof power.

  • Picture This

Keep your Rock Candy HardPressed Setting Powder in your purse to cool down “hot spots” on your complexion before picture-taking.

  • Balancing Act

Depending on the overall makeup look you wish to wear for your wedding, be sure to keep it balanced.  If you want to sport a smoldering, smoky eye, keep your pout peachy-nude.  If you plan on doing a minimal eye, go for a bold lip.  Or, you can go all ethereal-looking with minimalist makeup cheek to chin, making your Rock Candy illuminator the main essential.  You can also go full-on gothic, if that’s your thing.  It’s your day, so do you.  Whichever look you decide upon, keep your other makeup essentials (mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, lip liner, lipstick/gloss) budge-proof, smudge-proof, sweat-proof, dance-proof, kiss-proof, and cry-proof.

  • Meet Your Match

Time to meet your match – again!  Rock Candy vegan makeup offers 16 irresistible, second-skin shades to seamlessly match any skin tone.  Plus, our customizable, flawless foundations are mix-and-match -ready, so be sure to experiment prior to your big day to get the picture-perfect coverage color, especially if you plan on sporting a spray tan or body bronzer.  You’ve made the right match with your man, so do the same with your makeup.

  • Don’t Overdo the Dew

We get your complexion craves to be all glowy and dewy for your wedding, but too much of a good thing can turn out to be a downright iridescent disaster.  There’s that precarious, fine line between glowing like an angelic goddess and competing with the reception hall’s disco ball.  Keep your Rock Candy illuminator to just the high planes of your face – tops of cheeks, brow bone, and bridge of nose.  And, that’s it!  Anything more and you chance looking too greasy or glassy.  Your illuminator is a game-changing tool to upgrade your glow goals, but a heavy hand can wreak havoc on your highlighting efforts.  You want it to give you subtle, soft-focus, dewy dimension that will have major pay-off in pics.

  • Bare Truth

Don’t forget your beautiful body!  You’ll probably be wearing a cascading, off-the-shoulder/strapless gown, so don’t forget to spread the airbrush love on all your exposed parts.  Use your Rock Candy airbrush compressor to spray some illuminator down your décolletage, across shoulders, and down arms for subtle sparkle to skin.  If you want a sun-kissed color without the commitment of a spray tan, mist some body-baring Rock Candy bronzer.  Just be sure it matches your complexion for a uniformed, believable, beautiful glow.

Tying the knot this summer?  Be sure to show and share your bridal beauty creation with the rest of the Rock Candy brides-to-be using your Rock Candy airbrush vegan makeup.  Use tag #RockMyLook for a chance to be featured on our InstaGLAM!

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