Type-Casted:  Knowing the Difference Between Satin and Matte Airbrush Foundation Finishes

What’s your type?  Airbrush foundation finish that is!  Airbrush foundations often come in a variety of “finishes” to create a desired look.  However, this can be confusing and even time-consuming for the consumer who simply wants to find the perfect airbrush foundation finish for their unique skin type and/or for achieving the most coveted complexion looks.  But, don’t worry, we’re happy to play spray-on makeup matchmaker and help you find your soul “matte” (or satin)! 

There are different airbrush foundation finishes for different occasions as well as skin types. However, there are no hard and fast rules, especially when it comes to the revolutionary versatility of airbrushing.  If you tend to have oilier skin, you don’t necessarily have to wear a matte, oil-absorbing foundation.  Conversely, if you have a drier complexion, you don’t have to wear a satin foundation per se.  Whether you base your foundation finish of choice on your individual skin type or the look you’re trying to emulate from your beloved Insta beauty influencers, there are some bare facts about foundation finishes to consider.  

The Bare Truth 

Luckily, Rock Candy vegan makeup makes things super easy.  The exclusive, bestselling Rock Candy NOFILTER 4K Foundation comes in two of the most popular, universally-flattering airbrush foundation finishes – matte and satin.  Matte finishes dry down to a virtually poreless, flat, velvety-smooth finish. Typically, those with oiler skin tones like to mist with mattified, vegan makeup because the ingredients in these formulations are uniquely made to absorb oil, keeping the complexion from glistening in overdrive by mid-morning.  The Rock Candy NOFILTER 4K Foundation in satin finish, on the other hand, leaves a dewier, more radiant and dimensional finish to the skin, and is usually worn by those with normal to dry skin tones.  Also, those who prefer that “moist,” post-gym glow really adore satin finishes when it comes to their cruelty-free cosmetics.  Think J. Lo and her famously flawlessgorgeous glow!  That’s satin-skin in the fabulous flesh!  Satin can be best described as the middle of the road between matte and full-on dewy.  It strikes the perfect, most beautiful balance, leaving a light-reflecting, luminous, and lovely effect to the skin.  And, with bare, natural skin trending all over the fashion runways this year, it’s easy to see why satin airbrush foundations is a fan favorite. 

To Dew or Made to Matte? 

You can spray and play using the Rock Candy foundation finish according to your skin type, but who says you have to?  If your complexion gets slick before the day’s second cup of coffee, you can still rock a satin airbrush foundation finish.  And, if your skin is drier than the Sahara, but you absolutely love the porcelain-like finish of matte makeup, you can rock that, too.  Here are some complexion-perfecting tips to make your airbrushing experience a breeze: 

  • If you’re on the dry side and you want to wear the Rock Candy FOFILTER 4K Foundation in matte finish, be sure to properly hydrate your skin prior to airbrushing.  But, don’t go overboard. If your skin is too moist, your airbrush vegan makeup will not properly adhere to your skin.  Also, be sure to pack your purse with your Rock Candy Finish Setting Spray to spritz skin throughout the day, imparting a dewy, refreshing glow, while keeping the complexion from appearing chalky.  In this case, we highly recommend skipping the Rock Candy HardPressed Setting Powders.  Instead, stick to the Finish Setting Spray to keep your look on lockdown. 
  • If you’re oily, but are absolutely obsessed with a satiny, luminous look to your cruelty-free makeup, be sure to either skip moisturizer prior to airbrushing OR opt for a water or gel -based version.  And, primer is going to be your best friend, so start spritzing your Rock Candy Finish Setting Spray to help diminish pores and absorb excess oil, while creating a cosmetics-ready canvas to the complexion.  After spraying a light layer of your Rock Candy NOFILTER 4K Foundation in satin, finish with a light dusting of the Rock Candy HardPressed Setting Powder to keep overzealous oil production at bay.  This should elicit the long-lasting luminosity you’re lusting for without skin getting too slick or shiny. 

And, remember, you can always mix-and-match BOTH Rock Candy airbrush foundation finishes and get the best of both worlds.  Also, if you’re oily and fear the satin finish will make you look too glassy and moist by mid-morning, simply add a drop or two of your favorite Rock Candy illuminator to your matte foundation to get just a touch of dewy shimmer.  All the glimmer and glow and none of the worry!  What’s so cool about airbrushing is you get to experiment with the endless versatility of all the airbrush makeup essentials to create with the perfect formulation, finish, and coverage made just for you So, have a blast! 

Rock Candy is an airbrush makeup company and airbrush makeup distributor designed for all women everywhere that offers the best airbrush makeup options, including makeup artist-approved airbrush makeup kits and airbrush gift sets.  Their bestselling line features cruelty-free makeup beloved by the most discerning celebs, stars, models, and beauty buffs the world over.  The authority of airbrush makeup brands, their cult-classic line of all-natural, proprietary-blended, vegan, and cruelty-free makeup is the best in the airbrush beauty business, forever revolutionizing the morning makeup routines of women everywhere and leaving traditional, messy makeup in the dust.  Skip the sponge and spray instead.   


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