Throwing Some Shade:  How to Mix-and-Match Airbrush Foundation Shades for the Perfect Match

Throwing Some Shade:  How to Mix-and-Match Airbrush Foundation Shades for the Perfect Match

Does your skin tone naturally fluctuate season to season?  Can you never seem to find that “can’t live without,” perfect airbrush make-up foundation shade to seamlessly match your skin tone no matter the time of year?  Meet your airbrush foundation fairy godmother!  She’s here to help you find your one, true “made-just-for-you” match to add to your stash without spending all your hard-earned cash – all using your vegan, cruelty-free Rock Candy airbrush make-up system. 

No two skin tones are alike.  While most fall somewhere between very fair to very dark on the color spectrum, it seems almost impossible to find a pre-made foundation shade that seamlessly matches our own unique skin tone.  The frustration of finding a foundation to meet one’s shade expectations is real.  But, with the complete, customizable colors of the Rock Candy vegan make-up collection, you can easily and quickly mix and match shades that will meet your complexion’s color needs – from season to season.  For instance, if you spray-tan/self-tan, natural tan, or use body bronzer in the summertime, your complexion must aptly reflect this color change.  Or, if you like to use concealer/corrective or contour/coloring products, you can customize shades just for these usages.  That’s the beauty of airbrush make-up.  The flexible formulations are so interchangeable, you’ll always be color-ready no matter your skin tone, your make-up needs, or the time of year.  It’s just a matter of choosing shades closest to your natural skin tone from the versatile Rock Candy airbrush foundation repertoire, mixing and matching your chosen shades into your own little second-skin stashes, and knowing “how” to properly combine the colors using your state-of-the-art Rock Candy airbrush compressor kit.  Plus, creating different customized shades by mixing and matching foundation colors will not only save you money on buying unnecessary bottles of make-up, but will free up some much-needed space on your vanity or in your cosmetics kit. Because, we can always use additional space for another mascara-of-the-moment!

Before we get to choosing shades for mixing and matching, you’ll need to know how to actually “mix” your chosen Rock Candy vegan make-up shades using your cutting-edge Rock Candy compressor.  The technique is referred to as “bubbling.” First, you’ll want to add your most prominent shade to the pot, then add a few drops of your lighter or darker shade and begin to “bubble” them together by gently holding your finger on the tip of the gun and then pulling back gently on the trigger. You will see your customized color begin to develop and “bubble” right before your eyes, like make-up magic!

Now, you want to start by finding the Rock Candy airbrush foundation that closely matches your skin tone’s natural hue. Next, locate a shade two shades lighter and one two shades darker.  These will be your complexion’s trifecta for flawless-looking finish.  For your wintertime airbrush foundation, your skin tone will most likely be at its most natural, born-with-it hue.  Therefore, you’ll want to combine a few drops of your natural skin tone pick with just a drop or two of your lighter shade choice. This color combo will get you through the cooler months when your complexion doesn’t change all that much.   If you tan or bronze your body in the summertime, you’ll need to matchy-match your airbrush make-up accordingly.  Again, start with the Rock Candy airbrush foundation shade that is closest to your natural skin tone and combine with one to two drops of your darker shade pick.  And, keep in mind, you may have to adjust the number of drops in your color concoction until you reach the desired match.  For example, if you like to get a deep, dark tan and you’re pasty-pale in the wintertime, you’re going to need to add 3-4 drops or more of the darker shade. If you prefer a subtle, sun-kissed glow head-to-toe, then maybe your customized foundation will only require a single drop of the darker shade.  So, be patient when mixing, matching, adding, and subtracting drops using your Rock Candy cruelty-free make-up.

Here are some more tips and tricks when mixing and matching your airbrush, vegan make-up shades.  That combination foundation you mixed using your natural shade pick and lighter shade pick can also double as a spot concealer/corrector, as concealers and correctors are generally lighter shades than your natural skin tone.  And, you can use your darker shade mixture for contouring and sculpting.  No extra products required.  So, essentially, you’ll have an airbrush arsenal of concealers, contours, and made-to-match bases all in one complete, customized cosmetic kit, courtesy of Rock Candy!   And, the beautification gets even better, beauty babes!   Whichever flawless foundation you choose to rock – bought or build – you can add a few drops (2-3) of the Rock Candy illuminator of your choice to instantly “dewify” your finish for a satin-smooth look when used with any of our No Filter Matte shades.  Gals with drier skin types tend to prefer this more glowy look, as opposed to the popular matte finish.  If you want to forego foundation come summer like most girls, you can simply mix your Rock Candy bronzer of choice with a few drops of your chosen Rock Candy illuminator for a “just-back-from-the-beach” gorgeous glow. Here’s another foundation-free, sun-kissed combo to try:  Get your skin sexy and summer-ready by spraying face evenly with your Rock Candy bronzer, topping with a flush of your Rock Candy blush on tops of cheeks only, and finishing with a touch of light-reflecting illuminator on the high planes of face for dewy depth and dimension.

Got a covet-worthy color combo you created using your Rock Candy pro-grade airbrush make-up? Share your second-skin secret with the rest of the Rock Candy beauty community by using tag #RockMyLook for a chance to be featured on our InstaGLAM!

Rock Candy is an airbrush make-up company and airbrush make-up distributor designed for all women everywhere that offers the best airbrush make-up options, including make-up artist-approved airbrush make-up kits and airbrush gift sets.  Their bestselling line features cruelty-free make-up beloved by the most discerning celebs, stars, models, and beauty buffs the world over.  The authority of airbrush make-up brands, their cult-classic line of all-natural, proprietary-blended, vegan, and cruelty-free make-up is the best in the airbrush beauty business, forever revolutionizing the morning make-up routines of women everywhere and leaving traditional, messy make-up in the dust. Skip the sponge and spray instead.

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