Safflower Oil: Ingredient Spotlight

Safflower Oil: Ingredient Spotlight

Flowers are capable of more than just feeding bees and sitting on your counter looking pretty. Elements from these flowers can be extracted to provide extraordinary benefits to our skin. Safflower is one of the most beneficial flowers around. Its versatility as a natural beauty ingredient can’t be beat. Here are all the benefits safflower extract can provide you:


  • It restores vital moisture levels. The extracts in safflower create a natural moisturizer that feels velvety on skin. These extracts are easily absorbed, meaning you’ll never worry about safflower turning your face into an oil field. This makes safflower accessible no matter what your skin type. It’s rare to find an element that can neutralize both dry and oily skin. Safflower is here to help restore the moisture levels our on-the-go lifestyles inevitably wreck. You don’t even have to write it a thank you note.


  • Safflower helps reinvigorate skin. Safflower’s moisturizing and soothing properties help skin keep itself at 100%. The enzymes work their way into the skin to help smooth out the roughness in our skin’s texture. Factors such as pollutants, sun, and even our own skincare routine can all damage and rough up our skin. When skin isn’t smooth, your airbrush makeup doesn’t go on as smoothly as it could. Safflower works to undue that damage so our skin can look it’s best no matter what our lives throw at it.


  • It repairs our skin’s shield. The linolenic acid and Vitamin E found in abundance in safflower repair the outer layers of our skin to rebuild our skin’s barriers. These barriers are what prevent outside pollutants from getting under our skin and irritating it. When skin gets irritated, our skin decides to show the world. If you’ve got a big even coming up, that’s a no-go. Safflower takes the preemptive step that keeps our skin from freaking out on us. For that, we are eternally grateful.


  • Safflower is nature’s healer. Safflower is loaded with anti-inflammatory agents that work to soothe and calm skin to help heal a variety of ailments. Safflower has been used as a treatment for dry skin and is also known to help prevent acne and eczema. Clear skin helps airbrush makeup look its best. Safflower’s healing measures combined with its ability to restore the skin’s protective barriers gives safflower a leg up over other plant extracts. Together, these capabilities help skin learn to maintain itself, meaning that the extracts don’t stop their work once they’ve been absorbed. If only we had that level of commitment to things like our exercise routine.
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