Rosa Canina: Ingredient Spotlight

Rosa Canina: Ingredient Spotlight

We’ve been a fan of flowers ever since we were little girls. Putting them in our hair, picking a few to give to our moms, we’d get our hands on them whenever we could. It wasn’t until we were older that we learned flowers could be used for more than just their looks. They also have vast benefits as a natural beauty ingredient. Check out what the Rosa Canina flower can do for your skin:


  • It undoes our bad choices. Life happens. Sometimes, we get a bad breakout the night before a big event and decide to pick at it. Or we go out into the sun to get a last minute tan and we burn ourselves. We unintentionally cause damage to our skin because we get caught up in a moment. Luckily, Rosa Canina has got our backs. This plant helps to heal scars and wounds on the skin, restoring our skin to how it looked before we decided to play God with it. But next time, just stick to acne cream and sunscreen.


  • It keeps skin hydrated. Unless you’ve been drinking your daily two liters of water, chances are you’re a little dehydrated. When your skin’s dehydrated, airbrush makeup doesn’t go on as smoothly, and skin can look weirdly textured. Keeping hydrated skin doesn’t mean you have to constantly have a water bottle on you. Rosa Canina boosts your skin’s moisture retention abilities with its high level of essential fatty acids. So, it’s okay to slack a bit on the water. Rosa Canina will take on the workload, no problem.


  • It keeps us young. Everyone’s been through some stressful moments in life, but no one wants to look like it. Wrinkles and fine lines are part of the aging process, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it. Rosa Canina gives us a way to push back against these fine lines. Since using it retains more moisture in the skin, wrinkles have a harder time forming. Plump skin makes wrinkles and fine lines soften and disappear in an instant. We can’t avoid stressful days forever, but we can look like we do.


  • It fights our tougher battles. Sometimes, it feels like our skin’s just got a bone to pick with us. Acne, skin pigmentation, irritations, there’s always something. We have a whole army of creams and potions to battle these ailments, but it seems like nothing truly works. Let Rosa Canina fight that fight for you. It’s soothing qualities work as anti-acne and calming agents to ward off skin’s most unsightly issues. Sure, you could spend hours applying creams. Or you could just apply your airbrush makeup and get the same result. Your choice.
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