Prom Prep 101: Airbrushing Beauty Basics for a Night to Remember

Prom Prep 101:  Airbrushing Beauty Basics for a Night to Remember

As an airbrush makeup artist, make her special night one for the beauty books with these ethereal, spray-on makeup looks perfect for the biggest party night of the year.

If you’re a pro makeup artist, your June calendar is most likely packed with fun prom night airbrush bookings.  (Yay!)  Similar to airbrushing for blushing brides and their bestie bridesmaids, prom is all about getting that gorgeous glow that lasts and lasts – from the limo to the last dance.  Just like her future wedding, prom is a one-night-only affair, yet a lot of primping and prepping (and playing!) go into making the pre-summer occasion party-perfect.  Here are some tips and tricks to make her highly anticipated night unforgettably magical using the best cruelty-free makeup under the sun – and stars!

Benefits of Airbrush Makeup

First, if you have a client who may be on-the-fence about donning airbrush makeup for her prom night, maybe these airbrushing beauty benefits will convince her to skip the sponge and go for the gun:

  • Fills pores, smooths texture, and conceals redness and blemishes in seconds (imperfections virtually vanish!)
  • It’s fast, allowing time for more important, last-minute primping
  • Long-lasting – no need for constant trips to the restroom for ill-timed touch-ups
  • Lightweight, airy, and delivers a barely-there, beautifully balanced feel
  • Waterproof, cry-proof, kiss-proof, AND boyfriend-proof – won’t smudge, budge, run, or rub off (from his lips to his lapel, he’s safe from your face!)
  • Sanitary/hypoallergenic (bye-bye breakouts!)
  • Rock Candy NOFILTER 4K Foundations in both satin AND matte finishes provide an impeccably flawless, camera-ready complexion just like the models in magazines, on Insta feeds, film, television, and red carpets
  • All Rock Candy airbrush vegan makeup is Leaping Bunny-certified, natural, environmentally responsible, and skincare-formulated, so you can feel confident your skin is soaking up some serious, highly effective, exotic ingredients, while saving our furry friends – and the planet.

Airbrush Makeup and the Real-life Fountain of Youth

They say, “Youth is wasted on the young.”  While that long-held sentiment may hold some truth in more figurative contexts, when it comes to spraying airbrush vegan makeup on the plump, wrinkle-free, collagen-infused visages of effervescent teens, there’s nothing wasteful about it.  Your job will literally be a breeze, save for the occasionally pimple or patch of redness that requires concerted concealment.  Here are some tips for airbrushing temperamental, teen skin:

  • Slather clean skin with a lightweight, water-based moisturizer to hydrate and help lipid layer retain water to prevent caking and crinkling.
  • Spray a few spritzes of your Rock Candy Finish Setting Spray to prep and prime skin before all the primping commences. This will also help fill in any enlarged pores (hello puberty!) and keep sebum production from going into overdrive before dinner is served.
  • Before you get out your Rock Candy prom-perfecting airbrush essentials and get the gun going, make sure you consult with your client about what she wants for her finished airbrush look. This includes knowing her skin type, so you can assess which Rock Candy NOFILTER 4K Foundation to mist. If she worries about her skin getting slick before the first song of the evening is played, you’ll want to use the matte formula of the shade(s), as opposed to the satin finish.  You can always lightly mist the high planes of her face with your Rock Candy illuminator to give her a soft-focus, shimmery glow.
  • Seal the deal with a few powerful pumps of the Finish Setting Spray to keep her look from slipping away into the sunset.

Dew It Right with these Party-ready Airbrush Looks

Ethereal, radiant looks are inherently analogous with innocence, vitality, and youth.  So, you’ll want to capture those qualities while you’re airbrushing.  And, since blurring lines and waging a war on wrinkles won’t be issues to contend with during this prom prep, you have the freedom to play-up and accentuate your client’s best assets.  Here are some of the top teen-friendly looks for Prom 2019:

  • The Bare Truth

The focus with this look is all about the SKIN!  To nail this look, keep your Rock Candy airbrush foundation layers to a minimum (depending on amount of coverage needed) to really let the true beauty of young, firm skin take center stage.  Enviably, skin under the age of 18 doesn’t need much help.  Simply mist high planes of face with Rock Candy illuminator of choice for dewy-dimension and add a flush of blush to the apples of cheeks.  If your client is tanned, you’ll need to keep her look seamless by lightly misting Rock Candy bronzer in either Refined Gold or Sunkissed.  The Sunkissed shade sculpts, colors, and contours all-in-one, while Refined Gold is universally-flattering for all complexions seeking a bit of beautiful bronze.  However, if your client wishes to keep her look princess and porcelain-like, you can forgo the bronzer.  Next, swipe lids with a taupe-tinted shadow and load up on mascara to lengthen and lift lashes.  Pucker up to a beige nude, shimmer-infused lip gloss or peachy-pink pout to complete this soft, luminous look.

  • Any-Hue Smoky Eye

Why does basic black always have to get all the fun when it comes to a smoldering, smoky eye?  If your client has green eyes, try a deep violet-black smoky eye.  For hazel eyes, how about a blue-black version?  For brown peepers, try a golden peach set of smokies!  Whichever pigment you play with, be sure to keep the pout parent-approved and nude and natural to balance the look.  Seeing his little girl in a body-baring dress and high heels is already going to be too much for poor Dad to handle, so try to keep the makeup as tame as possible.

  • Eye Candy

A highly-requested look getting lots of love on social feeds is the inner-eye corner dusting of iridescent shimmer – and it accentuates ANY eye look your client chooses.  It will not only make peepers pop, it will give the entire face a more wide-awake, angelic appearance.  Just get in close with your Rock Candy airbrush gun and mist the tiny area with either the Champagne or Cosmopolitan illuminator.  You can even go over it with a powdery-pastel pigment, like purple or blue for a pop of soft summer color!

  • Body Talk

Whether from the sun, spray, bottle, or bed, your client will most likely be tanned.  (Who else laid out in their sun-drenched backyard prior to prom in a desperate attempt to get tanned for the big night?)  So, you’ll want to have your airbrush dynamic duos on hand – your Rock Candy beach-beautiful bronzers and bling-worthy illuminators.  Most prom dresses/gowns are décolletage and shoulder-baring, so lightly mist the shoulders, arms, and chest area with bronzer and top with illuminator to add a subtle sparkle to the skin.  If she’ll be wearing an above-the-knee dress, spray some optically-slimming illuminator down fronts of legs for sculpted-looking, supermodel stems in seconds.  She’ll dazzle on the dance floor as the illumination from the disco ball captures her “head-to-toe” luminescent skin.

Be sure to show and share your collection of prom princess airbrush looks with the rest of the Rock Candy club using your Rock Candy airbrush vegan makeup.  Use tag #RockMyLook for a chance to be featured on our InstaGLAM!

Rock Candy is an airbrush make-up company and airbrush makeup distributor designed for all women everywhere that offers the best airbrush make-up options, including makeup artist-approved airbrush makeup kits and airbrush gift sets.  Their bestselling line features cruelty-free makeup beloved by the most discerning celebs, stars, models, and beauty buffs the world over.  The authority of airbrush makeup brands, their cult-classic line of all-natural, proprietary-blended, vegan, and cruelty-free makeup is the best in the airbrush beauty business, forever revolutionizing the morning makeup routines of women everywhere and leaving traditional, messy makeup in the dust.  Skip the sponge and spray instead.

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