Meaningful, Mindful, and Magical:  A Full-Package Airbrush System that Doesn’t Disappoint  

Meaningful, Mindful, and Magical:  A Full-Package Airbrush System that Doesn’t Disappoint  

Treat yourself to the certifiably sweet benefits of green, clean beauty with Rock Candy’s exclusive, buzz-worthy line of airbrush vegan makeup essentials.  It’s lust at first bite! 

Imagine professional-grade, spray-on makeup that’s not only squeaky-clean, sourced responsibly, gluten-free, natural, skincare-infused, and cruelty-free BUT delivers on all the most popular performance promises.  It’s possible, beauty babes!  Introducing the airbrush makeup your skin – and the environment – have been waiting for.  Rock Candy is taking the clean beauty biz by storm with its impressive list of noteworthy industry certifications and meaningful, conscious brand values.  A full-package beauty brand, Rock Candy is unprecedented in airbrushing.  Its unparalleled performance, like long-lasting wear, product versatility, second-skin, flawless looks, PLUS its certified vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and cruelty-free ingredients/formulations are truly second to none.  Packed with the most exotic, plant-based ingredients Mother Nature has to offer, Rock Candy has gratefully procured the most coveted, rock star chemists to formulate revolutionary airbrush makeup essentials and accessories that leave traditional, messy makeup in the dust.  Pssss…the peeps at PETA and Leaping Bunny seem to think so, too! 

With more and more beauty buffs and makeup mavens demanding clean cosmetics sourced from environmentally responsible ingredients and formulations, while still maintaining unsurpassed efficacy, founder Kelly Burke and her dedicated team of Rock Candy airbrush glam artists answered the call with the most luxurious collection of easy-to-use, cruelty-free makeup available.  With proprietary-blended foundations, blushes, bronzers, and illuminators that effortlessly veil the skin with lightweight, barely-there textures and irresistibly sexy, second-skin looks, Rock Candy vegan makeup is more than makeup, better than skincare.   

Check out these major players in the perpetual fight for animal activism and cruelty-free cosmetics/ personal products who have officially given Rock Candy their seal of approval: 


The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals recently certified the Rock Candy collection as animal-friendly – from start to finish, inside and out, top to bottom.  From its bevy of consummate, rare, skin-saving ingredients to its innovative formulations to its clean packaging, Rock Candy has proudly earned superstar status in the eyes of one of the most discriminating animal advocacy organizations around.   

Leaping Bunny-Certified 

That familiar, fur-friendly logo can be found stamped all over the official Rock Candy website, packaging, content, and social media handles.  Not easily attained, acquiring the sought-after Leaping Bunny emblem is a badge of honor in the beauty biz.  We’re honored to have this pioneering organization deem our game-changing products animal-approved. 

Vegan Organization-Certified  

From your kitchen to your cosmetics, veganism is a “360” lifestyle.  And, this new organization certified all Rock Candy airbrush essentials vegan, meaning all our ingredients are plant-based and never sourced from any animal at any stage.   

Gluten-Free Formulations 

We understand gluten doesn’t just cause tummy troubles, but skin sensitivities as well.  All our ingredients are 100% gluten-free and glow-getting!   

Squeaky-Clean Ingredients 

Rock Candy’s cult collection is chockful of clean, safe, pure ingredients and none of the nasties.  NO fillers, fakes, or phonies can be found in any of our fabulous formulations.  We have an unrelenting aversion to synthetic fragrances, preservatives, parabens, glycols, and other unpronounceable substances that have no place on precious skin. 

Beauty that Gives Back 

Our line of cool, cruelty-free makeup is cosmetics you can look – and feel – good about.  Rock Candy cares deeply about the ocean, its delicate, susceptible ecosystems, and the animals that inhabit them, and is continually contributing to the Pacific Whale Foundation through its sponsorship of whales, dolphins, sea turtles, and other marine life.  Rock Candy also supports the Pacific Marine Mammal Center located in the seaside town of Laguna Beach, California.  This incredible foundation rescues, rehabilitates, and releases marine mammals, while empowering sea stewardship through collective research, education, awareness, and collaboration with public and other similar organizations.   

Rock Candy Cares  

Rock Candy goes beyond the airbrush gun with its assortment of timeless trinkets that are a true testament to our precious oceans and its spectacular inhabitants.  With each artisan-crafted bracelet purchase, 30% of proceeds help support the above organizations continue saving our seas and their captivating creatures!  Each enduring, beautiful bracelet is individually hand-crafted using authentic sea glass from the sun-soaked sands of charming Laguna Beach – a quaint, Southern California coastal town famous for its indie, artistic community and idyllic shoreline.   

To learn more about Rock Candy vegan makeup and its cult collection of innovative accessories to fill your beloved beauty box, be sure to visit  Use tag #RockMyLook for a chance to be featured on our InstaGLAM @rockcandybrand.  

Rock Candy is an airbrush makeup company and airbrush makeup distributor designed for all women everywhere that offers the best airbrush makeup options, including makeup artist-approved airbrush makeup kits and airbrush gift sets.  Their bestselling line features cruelty-free makeup beloved by the most discerning celebs, stars, models, and beauty buffs the world over.  The authority of airbrush makeup brands, their cult-classic line of all-natural, proprietary-blended, vegan, and cruelty-free makeup is the best in the airbrush beauty business, forever revolutionizing the morning makeup routines of women everywhere and leaving traditional, messy makeup in the dust.  Skip the sponge and spray instead.   









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