Improve Skin With These 10 Foods

Improve Skin With These 10 Foods

As far as skincare is concerned, all most of us really know how to do make use of lotions or creams which we believe can help our skin get better. Ever wondered if the skin can be given a much better appearance doing something that we really enjoy: feasting on delicious delicacies? We have to be grateful to nature for making everything that we need to get our skin better available to us. Below are 10 delicious foods to eat regularly if you want to have a better appearance.


Nuts seem to have a bad reputation for being unnecessarily rich in fats. Well, regardless of what everyone thinks of them, we are about to free them of every bad reputation. Almonds are undoubtedly one of the foods which provide a high quantity of Vitamin E when consumed. They are rich in magnesium which plays a vital role in helping the body deal with stress. Do you have any idea what the effect of stress on the body is? Stress makes you age more rapidly and also causes breakouts. We would not complain if we had to eat any anti-aging food either it contains fat or not. Well, due to the fact that the fat content of almonds help skin cells stay alive and healthy, there really is nothing which will make you complain.


If we shared anything in common when we were kids, you most likely did not enjoy taking carrots during dinner. Well, when a look is taken back, we discover how uninformed we really were. We are all aware of the fact that carrots contain a huge quantity of Vitamin A. While Vitamin A is known to help the eyes, it does a lot more than just help your eyesight. It plays a major role in the fight against pigmentation and issue skin tones which are uneven. This, therefore, makes your airbrush foundation an addition to your beauty routines and not necessarily compulsory. That is not all. Carrots have a high content of potassium which helps to hydrate the skin. With this, next time your skin is in very bad shape, feed on some carrots.

Dark Chocolate

Who says you can’t eat your cake and have it? Well, you really can! This, however, is only when your cake is nothing but dark chocolate. For a very long time, we were made to understand that dark chocolate was not good for the skin because it was responsible for causing certain skin ailments and breakouts. Well, fortunately, science was not accurate on this one. Dark chocolate contains flavonols. These flavonols help in keeping the skin free from sunburns. The implication of this is you do not have to worry so much when you visit the beach. Now, this does not take the place of sunscreens. Nevertheless, make it a habit to eat chocolates constantly and you can be sure to have an improved skin.


There are lots of unknown benefits associated with the consumption of turmeric. Although turmeric is used basically as a spice, it actually does have lots of benefits to the skin. Turmeric can help in the control of oily skin. When a paste is made out of it, it takes away excess oil from the skin. This helps to prevent the clogging of the skin. Turmeric can also protect the skin from acne because it is an anti-bacteria catalyst.


Beets is a food that a huge proportion of kids hate and would not even attempt eating even if paid to do so. Well, regardless of how unloved this food is, it contains lots of nutrients which are good for the skin. Contained in beets are anthocyanins. The presence of anthocyanins in beets make them effective in helping decrease inflammation and age related spots on the skin. If you have sensitive skin, you should always take advantage of the nutrient content of beets to deal with issues of redness.


It is really impossible to stay forever young. However, slowing down your aging process is not a bad idea at all. Edamame is rich in isoflavones, a substance which can help in slowing down the aging process on the face. Isoflavones do this by ensuring that collagens are kept intact


Beans are known as magical fruits. This, however, is not without reason. Virtually all the different kinds of beans contain protein and magnesium in huge quantities. The presence of these elements in beans help prevent the breakdown of skin cells. When the skin cells do not break down frequently, aging is prevented. Also, the skin is protected from pollutants


Grape fruit has an amazing taste and great benefits. It increases skin PH and ultimately reduces the occurrence of acne. It also contains a high volume of water which helps promote the growth of collagen. This helps your skin achieve a beautify glow. That is not all. Grapefruit is rich in Vitamin C. This, therefore, makes it efficient in helping your skin cells stay healthy and giving you a complexion which is visibly radiant.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds are little. Regardless of how small they are, chia seeds have a major effect on the skin. They contain Omega-3s in huge quantities. Interestingly, their content of Omega-3s is more than that of salmon! The truth is, if there is any substance that is regarded as the Holy Grail of the Skin, Omega-3s is that substance. It eliminates acne, reduces wrinkles, and also helps hormones stay intact. If chia seeds become a part of your skincare routine, you can be sure that you have an authentic routine.


We have always been aware that there are lots of benefits of going on sushi dates. Well, seaweed turns out to be one of the most trusted ingredients to help renew your skin. Seaweed is very adaptable and regrows very rapidly. These qualities which it possesses have a positive effect on the skin. It helps your cells get renewed and prevents aging.

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