How To Fix Dehydrated Skin

How To Fix Dehydrated Skin

Is your skin dehydrated? A dehydrated skin can have a very pronounced negative effect on your appearance. It can make a healthy skin look dull. Well, if you think your skin is dehydrated, we have got you covered. Contained in this article are tips to help you fix your skin if it is dehydrated.

What is dehydrated skin?

Basically, the major cause of dehydrated skin is the absence of water in the skin’s top layers. Contained in the top layer of the skin are oil lipids, as well as moisture which come from water and sweat. When the levels of the moisture and the oils are in the right proportion, the skin has an even and healthy appearance. Nonetheless, when the level of moisture in the skin is not adequate, dehydration sets in.

If the top layers of the skin do not carry out their function properly, the skin becomes unable to hold the needed moisture to have a great appearance. For the skin to function at its optimum, it has to be very well hydrated.

What does dehydrated skin look like?

Are there ways to know if your skin is dehydrated? There really is no straight answer to this. It basically depends on what the natural state of your skin is.: drier or oilier. Dehydrated skin basically worsens your skin’s state. Does your skin have a patchy appearance? Does it appear flaky and strangely tight? If yes, you have dehydrated skin.

If your skin is dehydrated and oily, it should not be regarded as a cakewalk. This type of skin may still exhibit the flaky attribute of dehydrated and dry skin. It, however, might try to make up for its low moisture level by releasing excessive oil. When this occurs, the skin is dry but has an oily appearance. When the skin is oily, it causes the pores to get clogged and also brings about breakouts. That is not all. It also makes it difficult for makeup to last for a relatively long period of time.

It is important to note that dehydrated skin is not a skin type. Rather, it is a skin condition. Now, it is almost impossible to alter the type of skin you have. Dehydrated skin, on the other hand can be fixed. Before trying to fix issues of dehydrated skin, it is important that you have an understanding of the causes of dehydrated skin.

What causes dehydrated skin?

Some of the major contributors to dehydrated skin are the products you make use of as well as your lifestyle. Seemingly insignificant actions build up with time and take moisture away from your skin. Below are some of the major causes of dehydrated skin.

Detergents and soaps

Skincare products are not always in the same category. As a matter of fact, the cleanser which you make use of in giving your face a better appearance might be doing your skin a lot of damage. Cleansers which have detergent and soap as their constituent ingredients are known to have a bad effect on the skin’s surface. In as much as these products make your skin feel clean, they slowly destroy your skin and this is something that you do not want.

Hot Showers

Hot showers definitely make everyone feel much better after a tiring day. They, however, have a major downside. They are not so good for the skin. The steam which comes from the water takes away the moisture on the upper layers of the skin. Well, it is a little ironical that showering can cause dehydration, unfortunately, facts prove this to be true.


Humidity is one of the major causes of dehydration. Do you reside in a part of town where humidity changes every now and then? The struggles that you go through with your skin can be attributed to the weather. This happens because as the weather changes, the skin tries to alter its rate of oil production. If humidity level changes very frequently, your skin will be left with a lot of work to do.

Choice of food

The type of food you feed on plays a major role in your skin’s state of health. You should, therefore, be careful with what you feed on. A large proportion of the calories you consume should be gotten from fresh food as this will help your skin stay dehydrated. If you constantly feed on fast foods, it will not be possible for your skin to obtain the fluid which it needs. In addition to eating fresh foods, you should form the habit of always drinking lots of water.

While at this, it is equally important that you cut down on your alcohol and caffeine consumption. These two foods are diuretics and make the body lose fluids very rapidly.

How to fix dehydrated skin

It is indeed a good thing to be aware of some of the causes of dehydrated skin, it is even more vital to know what the remedies to dehydrated skin are. Fortunately, this article contains a handful of remedies to issues of dehydration.

Put away actives

As far as treatments and serums for issues relating to your skin are concerned, you might have to alter your skincare routine. Although such ingredients as benzoyl peroxide and acids can be used in fixing certain skin issues, they are not great for the moisture barrier of the skin. If you must make use of them, ensure that you do not do so for two consecutive days. If the moisture barrier of your skin is in a perfect state, conditions such as acne and eczema can be death with more easily.

Make use of a milder cleanser

As already stated, to keep your skin moisturised, foaming soaps, as well as detergents should not be used at all. Although the bubbles which they release might seem amazing, in the long run, moisture and oil is removed from the skin. Instead of making use of soaps and detergents, you should make use of mild cleansers. Mild cleansers wash the skin very well without any side effects.

Your showers should be lukewarm

A hot shower might have an amazing feel. It however does more harm than good to your skin. Instead of making use of hot water, you should make use of lukewarm water. Just like hot water, lukewarm water feels great. However, unlike hot water, lukewarm water does not harm your skin.

Do away with harsh exfoliators

Exfoliation is no doubt a great way to take away dead cells. However, for it to be beneficial, it has to be done carefully and softly. Do away with hash exfoliators and embrace mild exfoliation.

Reduce your consumption of liquor and coffee

You really do not have to stop taking coffee and liquor completely. It is, however, important that you reduce your consumption of this drinks. The reason is alcohol, as well as coffee have diuretic features which will ensure that there is an increase in your loss of water when they are consumed. The dull look on your skin which is noticed after taking lots of cups of coffee is associated with dehydration. If you have to take alcohol or coffee, please ensure that you take more cups of water to replenish the loss in fluid.

Feed more on fresh foods

Water does not only have to be drunk. It can also be eaten. There are foods which have a high water content and can keep your skin hydrated when consumed. Ensuring that these foods are a part of your diet is a trusted way to keep your skin hydrated. Some of these foods are berries, avocados, melons, etc.

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