Hip, Hop, HOORAY! Rock Candy Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Is Officially Leaping Bunny-Certified

Hip, Hop, HOORAY!  Rock Candy Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Is Officially Leaping Bunny-Certified

With more and more beauty buffs, product junkies, and cosmetics connoisseurs embracing the vegan, cruelty-free, “clean beauty” lifestyles, it’s crucial for the industry’s best brands to finally hop on board with this highly-respected seal of approval.  When it comes to protecting animal rights and creating natural, clean beauty and environmentally-responsible cosmetics, Rock Candy airbrush makeup doesn’t mess around. 

Earlier this year, the tireless team at Rock Candy vegan makeup got some pretty awesome news, giving animal lovers all the fuzzy feels.  The highly-anticipated, soon-to-be-launched airbrush makeup authority received the coveted Leaping Bunny certification, officially declaring the brand authentically vegan and cruelty-free.  This means major leaps and bounds for any cosmetics, hair, or beauty brand that touts their products as “cruelty-free,” since not all cruelty-free is created equal.  Here’s what you need to know.

What is Leaping Bunny?

Long story short, Leaping Bunny started back in 1996 when customers began becoming increasingly more aware of the products they were putting on their bodies.  Before this time, no one so much as looked at the labels on the backs of bottles, sides of jars, or tops of tubes of their favorite creams, lotions, and other potions.  Most merely assumed stuff was skin-safe and derived from ethical means – until they started becoming skincare sleuths and investigating incriminating ingredients on their own.  As a result, there became a growing demand for products that were developed without the use of animal testing or animal-derived ingredients.  Customers wanted makeup that was not only safe and effective, but meaningful and mindful.  But, unfortunately, there were no federal or international guidelines that officially constituted a product “cruelty-free.”  The cruelty-free makeup movement was just bursting onto the scene and product users were on a mission to clean up their acts.

So, a slew of cosmetics companies, aware of the growing “cruelty-free” craze, began to indiscriminately design their own bunny logos and slapped them onto their bottles and boxes in accordance with their own definition of “cruelty-free.”  And, as expected, the makeup waters began to get murky, often misleading shoppers as to what actually deemed a product “cruelty-free.”  In response to the rising ambiguity with animal testing, eight national animal protective groups banded together to form the Coalition of Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC), which laid out an indisputable and comprehensive set of guidelines, replete with an internationally recognized rabbit logo.  And, the Leaping Bunny seal of approval was born.  So, when a customer sees this logo on a package or website or advertisement, they can rest assured knowing that brand used absolutely no animal-sourced ingredients or animal testing at any stage in the development, production, or packaging processes.  It’s the industry’s gold-standard for identifying genuine, cruelty-free makeup companies.  Companies and beauty brands that contend for the esteemed stamp of approval from Leaping Bunny understand it is synonymous with the virtuous vegan, animal-friendly lifestyle and that the most discerning customers will be on the lookout for that logo.  Companies committed to providing legitimate, cruelty-free makeup, like Rock Candy, want their customers to know that what they’re putting on their bodies unequivocally aligns with their “clean beauty,” vegan lifestyle.

More than a Hop, Skip, and a Jump

Becoming Leaping Bunny-certified is not an overnight process, but the rigorous procedure will prove worthwhile to a brand’s bottom line and customer loyalty base.   A self-subscribed “cruelty-free” cosmetics company or beauty brand need to officially apply to the Leaping Bunny Program via the Leaping Bunny website.  Once a company receives its long-awaited certification, they must continually re-submit their products’ information on a yearly basis to attain cruelty-free status.  This ensures customers no new animal testing has occurred and that new product launches throughout the year used furry friendly ingredients.  Plus, beauty brands need to routinely submit suppliers’ information and details on their new product launches.  So, as you can see, being Leaping Bunny-certified is a continual, painstaking process but with the prettiest perks!

Rock Candy and Taking the Leap

Now that Rock Candy vegan makeup is officially Leaping Bunny-certified, what does that mean for our most discriminating makeup devotees?  It means you can spray, play, and slay the most magical airbrush makeup on the planet with the added confidence knowing no animals were tested – or animal-derived ingredients used – in the making.  Every sumptuous, skin-sational drop of Rock Candy – including beguiling blushes, breathtaking bronzers, flawless foundations, star-studded illuminators, stay-put setting powders, fabulous finish setting sprays, and precision-perfect accessories – is all-natural, vegan, and 100% cruelty-free from start to finish.

Which is great for your conscience – and your complexion.

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Rock Candy is an airbrush make-up company and airbrush make-up distributor designed for all women everywhere that offers the best airbrush make-up options, including make-up artist-approved airbrush make-up kits and airbrush gift sets.  Their bestselling line features cruelty-free cosmetics beloved by the most discerning celebs, stars, models, and beauty buffs the world over.  The authority of airbrush make-up brands, their cult-classic line of all-natural, proprietary-blended, vegan, and cruelty-free make-up is the best in the airbrush beauty business, forever revolutionizing the morning make-up routines of women everywhere and leaving traditional, messy make-up in the dust.  Skip the sponge and spray instead.




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