Deionized Water: Ingredient Spotlight

Deionized Water: Ingredient Spotlight

Water is the building block for our entire lives. More importantly, water is the building block for a flawless complexion. For such a simple element, water has a giant impact on how our skin will look and feel. Deionized water goes above and beyond normal water’s beauty capabilities to make us look better than ever. Here’s all the benefits deionized water can provide your skin:

  • It’s one of the purest forms of water. Water from the tap, and even your favorite bottled brand, can still contains loads of bacteria and other pollutants. These pollutants significantly decrease all the benefits we receive from water, and may upset our body’s delicate ecosystems. It’s like knowingly eating food that’s been on the floor for a bit. True, you’ll probably be okay, but why take the risk? Deionized water is cleansed with UV filters that minimize contaminants. This means you can take it in without ever worrying you’re being counterproductive in your health efforts.


  • Water is the ultimate rehydrating agent. Water is basic in all the right ways. Any rehydrating method you would be trying ultimately comes down to how much water is going back into your body. Cut out all the middlemen and just start with the water. Having a hydrated face means keeping yourself in balance. That results in less skin damage like breakouts and irritations. Flawless skin means a flawless airbrush makeup application. The pureness of deionized water means it effortlessly sinks into the skin. This means a more effective rehydration, helping your skin to look its best.


  • It’s a powerful detoxifier. Water flushes toxins out of the skin quicker than any clay mask ever could. When water sinks into the skin, it drags impurities with it into the bloodstream so that they can be removed from the body. Removing these impurities from the inside out is the best way to ensure that they’re gone for good. Since deionized water is almost free of impurities, you can rest assured that your skincare products are doing their job without replacing the toxins they just removed. No need for expensive detox teas and facials. As fun as they are, we’ll save the money for our next brunch.


  • Water is your skin’s biggest cheerleader. Water just wants what’s best for you. It’s there to make sure your skin is always running up to speed no matter how difficult life gets. It’s cleanses you, hydrates you, and keeps your skin functioning normally. Without water, nothing else in your skincare routine (or life for that matter) has much effect. It’s important to start with the basics and work your way up from there. Imagine trying to build a house starting with the roof. Seems a little ridiculous, right? Your skincare routine works the same way. Deionized water gives your skin the perfect foundation to give your face the health you always knew it could have so your airbrush makeup looks perfect.
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