Aloe Vera: Ingredient Spotlight

Aloe Vera: Ingredient Spotlight

Aloe Vera may be the most versatile plant ingredient to exist. If there’s a health issue at hand, there’s a 99% chance aloe can help in some way. It’s no wonder so many beauty products contain aloe in some form. Here’s everything you need to know about the various benefits of Aloe Vera:


  • It’s a detoxifying powerhouse. Aloe Vera is the true equalizer, restoring the pH of the skin back to its perfect balance. A balanced pH means less chance for skin irritations and breakouts. The amino acids in aloe restore skin’s radiance by whisking away lingering toxins. Aloe is a natural cleanser, removing residue left behind by our skincare routines and makeup. Proper cleansing of the skin is vital for skin to function regularly. When skin’s functioning properly, it shows. The glow you achieve from makeup has a natural counterpart, and aloe can help get you there.


  • Aloe heals us. Aloe has long been known for its abilities as a healing agent. There’s a reason our moms kept a giant bottle of the stuff in a cabinet for when we’d inevitably get sunburned. Burns aren’t the only thing aloe can cure. Acne, dandruff, rashes, and wounds are also no match. With healed skin, your airbrush makeup goes on flawless every time. Used regularly, aloe can also be a preventative healer, stopping many of these afflictions in their tracks. Better safe than sorry applies to more than just strangers and difficult decisions. Aloe guarantees you make the right decision every time.


  • It’s a natural protectant. Aloe works overtime to help protect our skin from a variety of ailments. Being both antiviral and antifungal, aloe has the capability to kill off harmful elements before they have a chance to penetrate your skin. It also protects us from the pain caused by these irritants. No pain no gain is a thing of the past. Aloe also protects us from aging by stimulating our fibroblasts, the fibers in our cells that generate collagen. Aloe is the protective older brother our skin never knew it needed.


  • It soothes the skin. Aloe soothes and invigorates skin due to its gel-like consistency. It’s anti-inflammatory nature calms down skin that has been irritated and aggravated and returns it to its normal state. Aloe also hydrates to combat discomfort from dry and damaged skin. Soothing skin is important so that the healing process can begin. Adding suppleness back into the skin also makes skin more resilient. Smooth skin means a better airbrush makeup application. This resilience causes skin to be able to self-soothe later on. Aloe is the comforting agent that undoes all the damage we throw at out skin on a daily basis. Better to soothe yourself with aloe than with a pint of ice cream and a rom-com.
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