7 Tips to Deal With A Bad Skin Day

7 Tips to Deal With A Bad Skin Day

We know what it feels like. A day seems perfect and the other, an absolute opposite. If you do not know what this feels like, you have to prepare because you will definitely experience it. So, when this day comes, do you have a big plan? Well, if you are without a plan, you really are not alone. Let’s teach you how to deal with a bad skin day.

You Should not Mess With It

It seems quite a norm for everyone of us to make a mountain out of a little hill when we have a bad skin day. Instead of making the situation better, a lot of us actually make it worse. It is general knowledge that we should not poke, nevertheless, we really feel like doing so every once in a while. Irrespective of how you feel, you should never pick at your skin. This is because your skin gets irritated when it is picked. That is not all. picking your skin can also lead to an increase in the likelihood of a scar. Although picking your skin might offer some satisfaction. This satisfaction is very short lived and is nothing compared to the damage that this action can lead to.


Moisturizing might not be the first thing on your mind when you have a pimple. It, however, is an important thing to do. More often than not, the first thing on the minds of a lot of people with pimples is to make use of every available treatment for pimples. Well, the truth remains trying to get your skin dry with pimples treatment will not make it any better. It will actually make it worse. The skin does not need a lot of treatment to get better. What it actually needs is time. While giving your skin time to heal, moisturise it frequently. When hydrated the skin can heal faster.

Don’t go full coverage

One of the easiest ways to hide a blemish is to make use of makeup. There is always the urge to want not make use of a huge chunk of your makeup when a small blemish is noticed. The reason for this is nobody really wants to attract unwanted attention especially when it is for the wrong reason.

When trying to cover a blemish with makeup, putting on a lot of makeup usually magnifies the problem. This is quite simple. When a certain area of the face is covered with so much makeup, it usually draws a lot of attention. So, next time there is a little issue with your face, a heavy foundation is definitely not the solution.

Drink Enough Water

If you are searching for a quick solution to all your skin issues, drinking water is definitely not one. Regardless of that, when you take the right quantity of water, it helps your skin function at its optimum. It enables the skin stay free from breakouts and also heal more rapidly.

You should therefore, make it a habit to drink at least eight glasses of water daily.

Make Use of Ice

In as much as picking on your skin gives it a reddish appearance, sometimes, your skin can get reddish and inflamed even without you to picking on it. If this happens, there are ways to return it to normal. Next time you discover any inflammation on your skin, simply ice it. Get a piece of ice wrapped in a towel and apply it to your skin for a couple of minutes. Ice, when applied to the skin helps in constricting the blood vessels. This in turn eliminates redness. Although this solution is only temporary, it is worth taking advantage of.

Concealers are Important

In as much as some people are very comfortable moving around without makeup, not everyone is. So, if you are not comfortable going out of the house with your face bare, you can make use of some concealer. While at this, ensure that you do not make use of all the concealer in your makeup kit.

Your Skin is not the Main Focus

If you have any skin problems, it might he very easy for you to notice it because it is your body. Although difficult to believe, not many people notice your skin flaws the way you do. As a result of this, you should not get yourself stressed all in the bid to look flawless. It is okay if you get relaxed about your appearance once in a long while.


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